Samah M. A. Issa

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Migration of sulfate groups between hydroxyl groups was identified after collision-induced dissociation (CID) of sulfated oligosaccharides in an ion trap mass spectrometer in negative ion mode. Analysis of various sulfated oligosaccharides showed that this was a common phenomenon and was particularly prominent in sulfated oligosaccharides also containing(More)
Salivary agglutinin plays a vital biological role modulating the protective effect in the oral cavity by interacting with a broad range of oral pathogens. Here, we describe the first characterization of the O-linked oligosaccharides of salivary agglutinin identified by negative ion liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. The dominating structures were(More)
The high-throughput analysis of the glycosylation of high molecular weight proteins, such as mucins, has been the aim of glycomics initiatives for the last decade. Here, we present a work-flow for the efficient and reproducible analysis of reduced oligosaccharides from a typical mucin sample. This work-flow can be applied to any similar samples of(More)
UniCarb-DB is an experimental database consisting of structural information of O-linked and N-linked oligosaccharides and associated LC-MS/MS fragmentation data. This report illustrates how the database can be useful for future software development for the interpretation of glycomic mass spectrometric data. The information about rich fragmentation spectra(More)
Efficient separation of mucins (200 kDa-2 MDa) was demonstrated using gradient SDS agarose/polyacrylamide composite gel electrophoresis (SDS-AgPAGE). Inclusion of urea (SDS-UAgPAGE) in the gels casting were shown to have no effect on the migration of mucins in the gel and allowed casting of gel at room temperature. This simplified the procedure for multiple(More)
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