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Now-a-days as there is prohibitive demand for agricultural industry, effective growth and improved yield of fruit is necessary and important. For this purpose farmers need manual monitoring of fruits from harvest till its progress period. But manual monitoring will not give satisfactory result all the times and they always need satisfactory advice from(More)
The existing parking management systems require human efforts, and manual recording in excel sheets and on-paper. For huge parking scenario it is a bit hectic to keep track. RFID and OCR enabled system will provide an automated system for parking management. Also it will provide access control by use of boom barriers. It will be an efficient system from(More)
Now-a-days increasing density of vehicles on road is becoming the problem for the traffic control. Ultimately arising obstacle in the managing and tracking of the vehicle. Because of the problem state, it is necessary for every organizations and individuals to track the vehicle. People will monitor and track their vehicles for the safety concerns with the(More)
The available parking management systems require human efforts for recording entries of coming and leaving vehicles from parking in sheets. For huge parking it is difficult to keep track of the information. Use of Radio Frequency Identification known as RFID technology reduces human efforts and Optical Character Recognition known as OCR, enabled system will(More)
Finding influential individuals is an important part in Social Networks. The main aim of influence maximization is to find the top influential individuals in a social network. Many basic greedy algorithms have provided good approximation to optimal result but they suffer from low efficiency. The excessively long execution time in application to large-scale(More)
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