Samaa M. Shohieb

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Automatic speech processing systems are employed more and more often in real environments. Although the underlying speech technology is mostly language independent, differences between languages with respect to their structure and grammar have substantial effect on the recognition systems performance. In this paper, we present a review of the latest(More)
_ E-learning is a useful tool that has contributed in facilitating education for people around the globe. There is a need, however, for making e-learning available to deaf people. This could facilitate teaching and learning for both teachers of the deaf and deaf people. This paper presents an e-Learning System (LS) which offers Arabic Sign Language (ArSL)(More)
Live facial expression recognition is an effective and essential research area in human computer interaction (HCI), and the automatic sign language recognition (ASLR) fields. This paper presents a fully automatic facial expression and direction of sight recognition system, that we called SignsWorld Facial Expression Recognition System (FERS). The SignsWorld(More)
This paper presents an Accessibility System which offers Arabic Sign Language (ArSL) for the Arabic deaf. This system enables deaf student to access the web for learning process. In that system the special needs of deaf learners are satisfied, e.g. bilingual information (Arabic text and ArSL), high level of visualization and interactive and explorative(More)
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