Sam Yang

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Activation of a facultative, dicentric chromosome provides a unique opportunity to introduce a double strand DNA break into a chromosome at mitosis. Time lapse video enhanced-differential interference contrast analysis of the cellular response upon dicentric activation reveals that the majority of cells initiates anaphase B, characterized by pole-pole(More)
We report an unusual and dramatic presentation of a rare form of cutaneous lymphoma, known as subcutaneous panniculitis-like T-cell lymphoma (SPTCL). This patient presented with a pruritic, florid and purpuric rash that was diagnosed as lobular panniculitis and treated with oral steroids for 1 year with no success. His skin lesions would return each time(More)
The heat transfer problem in composite materials has been investigated which contains the nano-scale interface. A molecular dynamics-continuum coupled model is developed to study the heat transport from the macro-to the micro-scales. The model includes four major parts: (1) A reverse non-equilibrium molecular dynamics (RNEMD) is used to calculate the(More)
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