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This paper presents an evaluation and comparison of three topologies that are popular for building interconnection networks in large-scale supercomputers: torus, fat-tree, and dragonfly. To perform this evaluation, we propose a comprehensive methodology and present a scalable packet-level network simulator, TraceR. Our methodology includes design of(More)
We present a hybrid CUDA-MPI sorting algorithm that makes use of GPU clusters to sort large data sets. Our algorithm has two phases. In the first phase each node sorts a portion of the data on its GPU using a parallel bitonic sort. In the second phase the sorted subsequences are merged together in parallel using a reduction sorting network implemented in(More)
Titania nanostructures are of increasing interest for a variety of applications, including photovoltaics, water splitting, and chemical sensing. Because of the photocatalytical properties of TiO₂, chemical processes that occur at its surface can be exploited for highly efficient nanodevices. A facile and fast synthesis route has been explored that is free(More)
Maintaining memory access locality is continuing to be a challenge for parallel applications and their runtime environments. By exploiting locality, application performance, resource usage, and performance portability can be improved. The main challenge is to detect and fix memory locality issues for applications that use shared-memory programming models(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this article is to present a case study of the evolution of postgraduate-level training programs for alcohol and other drug (AOD) practitioners provided by two universities in New Zealand. METHOD The case study compiles details on relevant treatment contexts and systems in New Zealand and key milestones and significant(More)
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In the early exploration and colonization of the Americas, Europeans encountered unfamiliar climates that challenged received ideas from classical geography. This experience drove innovative efforts to understand and explain patterns of weather and seasons in the New World. A close examination of three climatic puzzles (the habitability of the tropics,(More)
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