Sam Verboven

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Modern datacenters consist of increasingly powerful hardware. Achieving high levels of utilization on this hardware often requires the execution of multiple concurrent workloads. Virtualization has emerged as an efficient means to isolate workloads by partitioning large physical resources using self-contained virtual machine images. Despite the many(More)
This paper examines the problem of predicting job runtimes by exploiting the properties of parameter sweeps. A new parameter sweep prediction framework GIPSy (grid information prediction system) is introduced. Predictions are made based on prior runtime information and the parameters used to configure each job. The main objective is providing a tool(More)
We describe a scheduling technique in which estimated job runtimes and estimated resource availability are used to efficiently distribute workloads across a homogeneous grid of resources with variable availability. The objective is to increase efficiency by minimizing job failure caused by resources becoming unavailable. Optimal scheduling will be(More)
Modern data centers use virtualization as a means to increase utilization of increasingly powerful multi-core servers. Applications often require only a fraction of the resources provided by modern hardware. Multiple concurrent workloads are therefore required to achieve adequate utilization levels. Current virtualization solutions allow hardware to be(More)
Virtualization technology has introduced new ways for managing IT infrastructure. The flexible deployment of applications through self-contained virtual machine images has removed the barriers for multiplexing, suspending and migrating applications with their entire execution environment, allowing for a more efficient use of the infrastructure. These(More)
Efficiently using the computational power made available through desktop grids based distributed systems is a complicated and many-sided problem, caused by the intermittent resource availability. In this paper a novel solution is presented for predicting the runtimes of parameter sweep jobs. These jobs are characterized by their lack of inter-dependence and(More)
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