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The application of data storage tags bears the potential for a quantum leap in the research on fish migrations, because not only first-capture and recapture positions are known, but at least theoretically, the migration path during the period at large can be reconstructed. Position, however, cannot be measured directly but has to be estimated using the(More)
A novel approach to model food-web dynamics, based on a combination of chance (randomness) and necessity (system constraints), was presented by Mullon et al. in 2009. Based on simulations for the Benguela ecosystem, they concluded that observed patterns of ecosystem variability may simply result from basic structural constraints within which the ecosystem(More)
This paper explores the stochastic dynamics of a simple foodweb system using a network model that mimics interacting species in a biosystem. It is shown that the system can be described by a set of ordinary differential equations with real-valued uncertain parameters, which satisfy a set of linear inequality constraints. The constraints restrict the(More)
Electronic Data Storage Tags (DSTs) have the potential of providing long term, high-resolution observation data of individual fish in the ecosystem. However, traditional time series analysis methods are limited in extracting the required information from DSTs. The continuous wavelet transform (CWT) is a tool for decomposing a time series into instantaneous(More)
The performance of oil reservoirs is inherently uncertain: data constraining the rock and rockfluid properties is available at only a small number of spatial locations, and other measurements are integrated responses providing limited constraints on model properties. Calibrating a reservoir model to observed data is time consuming, and it is rare for(More)
The capillary pressure in a reservoir determines the saturation distribution, and hence the total in situ volumes of fluids (oil/water/gas). The accurate knowledge of the capillary pressure distribution is one of the primary factors that may be decisive in the reliable estimation of hydrocarbon reserves. The centrifuge procedure provides laboratory data,(More)