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BACKGROUND Low back pain is highly prevalent and a significant public health burden in Western society. Feasibility studies suggest personalised pedometer-driven walking is an acceptable and effective motivating tool in the management of chronic low back pain (CLBP ≥ 12 weeks). The proposed study will investigate pedometer-driven walking as a low cost,(More)
Recently, Monte Carlo tree search (MCTS) has become the dominant algorithm in Computer Go. This paper compares two simulation algorithms known as playout policies. The base policy includes some mandatory domain-specific knowledge such as seki and urgency patterns, but is still simple to implement. The more advanced learning policy combines two different(More)
The medical web comprises both medical communities engaged in discussions about specialized topics and a vast array of medical articles available through web-based databases. In this paper we present a knowledge linkage strategy that links online specialized medical discussions with corresponding online medical articles. The idea is to link the experiential(More)
BACKGROUND Research exploring the agreement between traditional medication records and electronic records generated by an automated dispensing device has been limited. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the extent of agreement between medication administration records written in paper-based emergency department charts and records generated by an automated dispensing(More)
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