Sam Soltanifar

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In 2004 the first National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence guidelines on caesarean section were published with the aim of providing evidence-based recommendations for best practice. With the publication of new evidence, the guidelines have been revised with the second edition released in 2011. This review highlights the changes that have been(More)
We report the management of a morbidly obese parturient suffering from narcolepsy with cataplexy who presented for caesarean section. Her symptoms were controlled by modafinil and fluoxetine. We administered epidural anaesthesia successfully; surgery was uneventful and recovery was uncomplicated. We discuss some of the issues surrounding parturients with(More)
We report the first published case of confirmed anaphylaxis to sugammadex in a UK hospital. The patient was given a bolus of sugammadex at the end of surgery. Four minutes later, he developed hypotension and a widespread erythematous rash. Multiple epinephrine boluses were administered and a continuous intravenous infusion of epinephrine commenced. The(More)
To the Editor: W e write with reference to an article by Fredrickson et al, which claims an advantage for continuous peripheral nerve catheter management of pain relief versus single-shot blocks after a range of more Bminor[ shoulder surgeries. We, too, have had a large experience in this area and wish to query certain aspects of their study. We are puzzled(More)
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