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Metazoan Endoparasites of 13 Species of Central American Anoles (Sauria: Polychrotidae: Anolis) with a Review of the Helminth Communities of Caribbean, Mexican, North American, and South American
Abstract Four hundred twenty-six specimens representing 13 species of Anolis, A. auratus, A. biporcatus, A. capito, A. frenatus, A. humilis, A. limifrons, A. lionotus, A. pachypus, A. pentaprion, A.Expand
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Development of a baited oral vaccine for use in reservoir-targeted strategies against Lyme disease.
Lyme disease is a major human health problem which continues to increase in incidence and geographic distribution. As a vector-borne zoonotic disease, Lyme disease may be amenable to reservoirExpand
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Gastrointestinal Helminths of 14 Species of Lizards from Panama with Descriptions of Five New Species
Abstract One hundred ninety-one specimens representing 14 species of lizards, Ameiva ameiva, Basiliscus basiliscus, Corytophanes cristatus, Diploglossus monotropis, Echinosaura horrida, GonatodesExpand
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Metazoan Endoparasites of 11 Species of Lizards from Pakistan
Abstract Eighty-four lizards representing 11 species of 4 families were collected in Pakistan between July 1975 and August 1976 and examined for metazoan endoparasites: Agamidae, Calotes versicolor,Expand
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Helminths of Six Species of Snakes from Honshu Island, Japan
Abstract Eighty-seven snakes representing 6 species in 2 families (Colubridae: Amphiesma vibakari, Elaphe climacophora, Elaphe conspicillata, Elaphe quadrivirgata, and Rhabdophis tigrinus; Viperidae:Expand
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Plagiorchis taiwanensis (Digenea: Plagiorchiidae), Kurilonema markovi (Nematoda: Rhabdiasidae) and Other Helminths in Eumeces latiscutatus (Scincidae) and Takydromus tachydromoides (Lacertidae) from
Abstract Helminths from Eumeces latiscutatus (n = 17) and Takydromus tachydromoides (n = 34) from Japan are reported. Two species of Nematoda, Kurilonema markovi and Meteterakis japonica, and 1 taxonExpand
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Comparative Parasitology of Squamate Reptiles Endemic to Scrub and Sandhills Communities of North-central Florida, U.S.A
Abstract The comparative parasitology of endemic, primarily fossorial squamate reptiles of xeric habitats in Florida, U.S.A., is described, largely based on live-trapping studies in Ocala NationalExpand
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Metazoan Endoparasites of Four Species of Lizards, Gehyra mutilata, Hemidactylus frenatus (Gekkonidae), Mabuya cumingi, Mabuya multifasciata (Scincidae), and One Species of Snake, Ramphotyphlops
Abstract A total of 114 specimens representing 2 species of gekkonid lizards, Gehyra mutilata and Hemidactylus frenatus, 2 species of scincid lizards, Mabuya cumingi and Mabuya multifasciata, and 1Expand
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Diagnosing Ehrlichiosis
IN RESPONSE: Dr. Stith's case descriptions do not allow us to determine whether these infections were examples of human granulocytic ehrlichiosis caused by an Ehrlichia species related to E.Expand