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The 18 Ne(α,p) 21 Na reaction plays a crucial role in the (α,p) process, which leads to the rapid proton capture process in X-ray bursts. The reaction rate depends upon properties of 22 Mg levels above the α threshold at 8.14 MeV. Despite recent studies of these levels, only the excitation energies are known for most with no constraints on the spins. We(More)
We present a model of the optimal timing of a large-scale habitat restoration project. The model is a dynamic benefit optimization that includes ecosystem costs caused by the presence of a large dam. We use a single stochastic variable to incorporate two sources of uncertainty: uncertainty about how ecosystem costs will evolve over time and the possibility(More)
  • Andrews, L Nall, +21 authors Socioeconomic
  • 2008
Data Two primary sources of population and demographic data were used to compile this report: U.S. Census Bureau and Woods and Poole Economics, Inc. Data synthesized from the U.S. Census Bureau 2000 decennial census that were common among all study areas include the following variables: population (as displayed on the maps) such as source of water, sewage(More)
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