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The accurate indication of saliva collection time is important for defining the diurnal decline in salivary cortisol as well as characterizing the cortisol awakening response. We tested a convenient and novel collection device for collecting saliva on strips of filter paper in a specially constructed booklet for determination of both cortisol and DHEA. In(More)
A life-history trade-off between low mortality in the dark and rapid growth in the light is one of the most widely accepted mechanisms underlying plant ecological strategies in tropical forests. Differences in plant functional traits are thought to underlie these distinct ecological strategies; however, very few studies have shown relationships between(More)
We have measured the 3He(e,e'pp)n reaction at 2.2 GeV over a wide kinematic range. The kinetic energy distribution for "fast" nucleons (p>250 MeV/c) peaks where two nucleons each have 20% or less, and the third nucleon has most of the transferred energy. These fast pp and pn pairs are back to back with little momentum along the three-momentum transfer,(More)
Caregivers of patients receiving allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplants (allo-HSCT) serve a pivotal role in patient care but experience high stress, anxiety and depression as a result. We theorized that stress management adapted for allo-HSCT caregivers would reduce distress compared with treatment as usual (TAU). Of 267 consecutive caregivers of(More)
(2014). Differing life history characteristics support coexistence of tree soil generalist and specialist species in tropical rainforests. (2014). Ability of a forest area formerly planted with rubber to conserve biodiversity as indicated by butterflies and moths. (2014). Interspecific variation in prey capture behavior by co-occurring Nepenthes pitcher(More)
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