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In this paper we investigate the use of Langevin Monte Carlo methods on the probability simplex and propose a new method, Stochastic gradient Riemannian Langevin dynamics, which is simple to implement and can be applied to large scale data. We apply this method to latent Dirichlet allocation in an online mini-batch setting, and demonstrate that it achieves(More)
We demonstrate an equivalence between reproducing kernel Hilbert space (RKHS) embeddings of conditional distributions and vector-valued re-gressors. This connection introduces a natural regularized loss function which the RKHS em-beddings minimise, providing an intuitive understanding of the embeddings and a justification for their use. Furthermore, the(More)
The effect of 3- and 5-hour pneumatic tourniquets on skeletal muscle physiology was investigated. Maximum isometric tension development, contraction and half relaxation times were measured in the muscles lying immediately under and distal to the tourniquet. On release of the tourniquet no consistent difference between control and experimental muscles was(More)
Experiments have been carried out on rhesus monkeys to determine the effect of the application of a pneumatic tourniquet on the ultrastructure of the muscles of the lower limb. Tourniquets were applied for periods lasting between one and five hours. The changes in the muscle lying immediately under the cuff of the tourniquet were more marked than those(More)
Independent clinical neurological evaluation and intraoperative somatosensory evoked potential (SSEP) monitoring was performed on 30 vertically unstable hemipelvis fractures in 28 patients undergoing acute open reduction and internal fixation. Preoperative ipsilateral neurologic injury of the sciatic/lumbosacral plexus was noted in 15 of 30 fractures (50%).(More)