Sam McIntosh

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We have created an experimental prototype that enhances an ordinary personal media player by adding digital library capabilities. It does not enable access to a remote digital library from a user’s PDA; rather, it runs a complete, standard digital library server environment on the device. Being optimized for multimedia information, this platform has truly(More)
This paper describes the facilities we built to run a self-contained digital library on an iPod. The digital library software used was the open source package Greenstone, and the paper highlights the technical problems that were encountered and solved. It attempts to convey a feeling for the kind of issues that must be faced when adapting standard DL(More)
This study developed a method to determine whether the distribution of individual player performances can be modelled to explain match outcome in team sports, using Australian Rules football as an example. Player-recorded values (converted to a percentage of team total) in 11 commonly reported performance indicators were obtained for all regular season(More)
In this paper we present Greenbug: a hybrid web inspector, debugger and design editor developed for use with the open source digital library software Greenstone 3. Inspired by the web development tool Firebug, Greenbug is more tightly coupled with the underlying (digital library) server than that provided by Firebug; for example, Greenbug has a fine-grained(More)
This paper describes an experimental system that enhanced an iPod with digital library capabilities. Using the open source digital library software Greenstone as a base, this paper more specifically maps out the technical steps necessary to achieve this, along with an account of our subsequent experimentation. This included command-line usage of(More)
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