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This paper introduces a new transactional " database-as-a-service " (DBaaS) called Relational Cloud. A DBaaS promises to move much of the operational burden of provisioning, configuration, scaling , performance tuning, backup, privacy, and access control from the database users to the service operator, offering lower overall costs to users. Early DBaaS(More)
Applications that combine live data streams with embedded, parallel , and distributed processing are becoming more commonplace. WaveScript is a domain-specific language that brings high-level, type-safe, garbage-collected programming to these domains. This is made possible by three primary implementation techniques. First, we employ a novel evaluation(More)
This paper describes the design, implementation, and evaluation of Cabernet, a system to deliver data to and from moving vehicles using open 802.11 (WiFi) access points encountered opportunistically during travel. Network connectivity in Cabernet is both fleeting (access points are typically within range for a few seconds) and intermittent (because the(More)
A community white paper developed by leading researchers across the United States Executive Summary The promise of data-driven decision-making is now being recognized broadly, and there is growing enthusiasm for the notion of``Big Data.'' While the promise of Big Data is real-for example, it is estimated that Google alone contributed 54 billion dollars to(More)
This paper presents the reference implementation of a new architecture for future " Big Data " applications. Such applications require " big analytics " as one might expect, but they also require real-time streaming support, real-time analytics, data visualization, and cross-storage queries. We are guided by the principle " one size does not fit all " [7],(More)
This thesis describes the design, implementation and evaluation of OpenWiFi, a consumer WiFi-sharing system. OpenWiFi aims to allow owners of WiFi access points (APs) to function as private internet service providers. The OpenWiFi model combines WiFi access facilities owned by participating individuals or businesses under a virtual network operator who(More)
—Rapidly developing areas of information technology are generating massive amounts of data. Human errors, sensor failures, and other unforeseen circumstances unfortunately tend to undermine the quality and consistency of these datasets by introducing outliers – data points that exhibit surprising behavior when compared to the rest of the data.(More)
The wireless detector network is wide employed in totally different areas of application like military applications etc. Wireless detector network is nothing however the cluster of detector nodes those area unit human action to every alternative mistreatment radio frequencies through the bottom station. Every detector node in network has the battery that is(More)
Mobile phones now come equipped with an assortment of sensors capable of generating data at high rates, as well as various wireless networks over which to transmit this data. In this paper, we introduce the design for a multi-network control framework for mobile applications. Our goal is to build a deployable framework that is compatible with current(More)