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Herein we report a practical synthetic route to the lasso peptide lassomycin () and C-terminal variant lassomycin-amide (). The biological evaluation of peptides and against Mycobacterium tuberculosis revealed that neither had any activity against this bacterium. This lack of biological activity has led us to propose that naturally occurring lassomycin may(More)
Polo-like kinase 1 (Plk1) is well-known for taking part in cell cycle progression and regulation. Using small molecules for Plk inhibition has been well documented in the literature. However, there are several intrinsic and intractable problems associated with this approach. For example monitoring small molecule Plk inhibitors as anti-tumor agents in(More)
The ability to calculate molecular properties such as molecular weights, isoelectric points, and extinction coefficients is vital for scientists using and/or synthesizing peptides and peptoids for research. A suite of two web utilities: Peptide Calculator and Peptoid Calculator, available free at http://www.pep-calc.com, are presented. Both tools allow the(More)
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