Sam Lacoche

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Our understanding of the mechanisms by which ducts and lobules develop is derived from model organisms and three-dimensional (3D) cell culture models wherein mammalian epithelial cells undergo morphogenesis to form multicellular spheres with a hollow central lumen. However, the mechanophysical properties associated with epithelial morphogenesis are poorly(More)
A major goal of chronobiology is to identify clock-controlled genes. The expression of thousands of genes can be monitored simultaneously using DNA microarrays. Application of DNA microarray technology to the field of circadian rhythm has already shown that a number of genes coding for proteins involved in very diverse functions are under the control of the(More)
DNA microarrays allow to simultaneously determine the expression level of thousands of genes. A nycthemeral study must enable to conclude which ones show a circadian rhythm. Two aspects prove this to be quite difficult: firstly, what does "circadian" exactly mean and how to quantify this qualification, and secondly which genes pertain to this definition.(More)
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