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Sexual transmission of bacterial vaginosis (BV), a common syndrome in sexually active women, has not been previously established. Because no male counterpart for BV has been found, a population of lesbians is an ideal one in which to test the hypothesis that BV is sexually transmitted. We studied 103 homosexual women (lesbians) who sought gynecologic care(More)
OBJECTIVES We describe transvaginal ultrasonographic evaluation of 663 premenopausal women with signs or symptoms of gynecologic problems and compare the findings of transvaginal ultrasonography with those of antecedent bimanual examination. STUDY DESIGN In this retrospective descriptive study, data on age, menstrual history, results of bimanual(More)
One of the most serious problems when doing program analyses is dealing with function calls. While function inlining is the traditional approach to this problem, it nonetheless suffers from the increase in analysis complexity due to the state space explosion. Craig interpolation has been successfully used in recent years in the context of bounded model(More)
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