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Chinese overseas contracted projects and economic diversification in Angola and Ethiopia 2000-2017
This paper looks at Chinese construction projects in Angola and Ethiopia, which receive disproportionately little research attention compared to Chinese FDI, despite the fact that ChineseExpand
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Primitive Socialist Accumulation in China: An Alternative View on the Anomalies of Chinese “Capitalism”
China’s economic system has yet to be adequately explained by any models. China’s export-led industries were initially viewed as a source of cheap labor but its economy has now emerged as a seriousExpand
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Imperialismo na América Latina e no Caribe: que impacto os investimentos chineses podem trazer com as lições de Hong Kong
This paper adopts a Marxist framework to explain how imperialist exploitation in Latin America and the Caribbean evolves while the mechanism for unequal exchange remains. Chinese investments in theExpand