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T he howler monkeys slink like cats through the canopy, swiveling their heads to look for danger. They have reason to be wary. In the jungle below, biologists armed with a black tranquilizer rifle(More)
sciencemag.org SCIENCE P H O T O : Q U IQ U E B A S S A T N either half of the body looks abnormal by itself, but legs that skinny just don’t belong on a chest that swollen. The 15-year-old boy,(More)
KEARNEYSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA—Ask how many fruit trees he’s responsible for, and Michael Glenn just laughs. “I have no idea,” he says. Glenn oversees some 120 hectares as director of the Appalachian(More)
1240 C R E D IT : D A N G R U S H K IN NEW YORK—It’s 4 p.m. on a summery Wednesday afternoon, and four members of GenSpace—two former biotech scientists, an undergrad on hiatus from school, and a(More)