Sam K. W. Chu

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The structure-based design, synthesis, and biological activity of a novel indazole-containing inhibitor series for S-adenosyl homocysteine/methylthioadenosine (SAH/MTA) nucleosidase are described. Use of 5-aminoindazole as the core scaffold provided a structure-guided series of low nanomolar inhibitors with broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity. The(More)
Deleterious mutations in the RUNX1 gene cause hereditary leukemia due to a rare syndrome called Familial platelet Disorder with Associated Myeloid Malignancy (FPDMM). We describe the characteristics of a family with FPDMM due to a novel RUNX1 mutation (L472X), located in the most 3-prime end of the gene reported to date. Our 36-year old proband presented(More)
This demo presents Wikiglass, a learning analytic tool for visualizing the statistics and timelines of collaborative Wikis built by secondary school students during their group project in inquiry-based learning. The tool adopts a modular structure for the flexibility of reuse with different data sources. The client side is built with the(More)
Wikiglass is a learning analytic tool for visualizing collaborative work on Wikis built by groups of secondary or primary school students. This poster presents new features of Wikiglass developed recently based on requests from teachers, including flexible selection of date range, revision network, and thinking order detection. Currently the new features(More)
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