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The micro-macro paradox has been revived. Despite broadly positive evaluations at the micro and meso-levels, recent literature doubts the ability of foreign aid to foster economic growth and development. This paper assesses the aid-growth literature and, taking inspiration from the program evaluation literature, we reexamine key hypotheses. In our findings,(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the Pediatric Risk of Mortality (PRISM, PRISM III-12, and PRISM III-24) systems and the Pediatric Index of Mortality (PIM and PIM2) systems for use in comparing the risk-adjusted mortality of children after admission for pediatric intensive care in the United Kingdom. METHODS All PICUs in the United Kingdom were invited to participate.(More)
The foot and mouth disease (FMD) epidemic in the UK in 2001 highlighted the threat of infectious diseases to rare and valuable livestock and stimulated a renewed interest in biosecurity and conservation. However, not all diseases resemble FMD: their transmission routes and pathological effects vary greatly, so biosecurity strategies must take this into(More)
Headlines Attitudinal data on the experience of work and the intrinsic quality of work in Wales are relatively rare. This Report offers unique insights into the stresses and strains of work, the attitudes of workers towards employment and who they work for, and the fear of job loss. • Working hours are shorter, and job-related stress and work strain are(More)
Headlines Work is an important feature of the modern Welsh economy. A lot is known about pay, but less is known about other features of work such as what skills do jobs require, how relevant are qualifications for work, and how does training and learning compare with other parts of Britain. This Report provides some answers. • Jobs are less skilled in Wales(More)
specific programme contributions from the governments of Denmark (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Danida) and Sweden (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency—Sida) for the Research and Communication (ReCom) programme. UNU-WIDER also acknowledges core financial support to UNU-WIDER's work programme from the governments of Finland (Ministry for(More)
This paper confirms recent evidence of a positive impact of aid on growth and widens the scope of evaluation to a range of outcomes including proximate sources of growth (e.g., physical and human capital), indicators of social welfare (e.g., poverty and infant mortality), and measures of economic transformation (e.g., share of agriculture and industry in(More)
PURPOSE To report findings from a national effort initiated by three primary care certifying boards to catalyze change in primary care training. METHOD In this mixed-method pilot study (2012-2014), 36 faculty in 12 primary care residencies (family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics) from four institutions participated in a professional development(More)
Neuromuscular disease is one of the most common indications for the use of intravenous immuno-globulin (IVIG). We describe practical aspects of IVIG administration and dosing in long-term treatment, as well as the setting up of a day-case service in a regional neurology unit to provide a streamlined patient experience. An audit of the safety of IVIG(More)