Sam John T Sum Ping

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To determine if learning occurs during general anaesthesia, 72 women undergoing surgery were given postoperative implicit memory tests in which performance could be influenced by auditory information presented during general anaesthesia. Two methods of anaesthesia were used: nitrous oxide and opioids (n = 24) or nitrous oxide and isoflurane (1, 1.3 and 1.5(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To define the various factors that influence the rate of effective preoxygenation. DESIGN Prospective, randomized study. SETTING Procedure room in a teaching hospital. SUBJECTS 14 ASA physical status I volunteers who performed 4 sessions of breathing in random order. Of these volunteers, 7 performed two extra sessions using vital(More)
To evaluate the reliability of capnography in identifying esophageal intubation in the presence of a carbonated beverage in the stomach, we first investigated the amount of CO2 released from different carbonated beverages and antacids in a simulated stomach; next we measured the end-expired CO2 level during esophageal ventilation with a carbonated beverage(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To determine whether tracheoscopy is an accurate and quick method for verifying correct placement of the tracheal tube after intubation. DESIGN Prospective, randomized study. SETTING Operating rooms of a teaching hospital. PATIENTS 26 patients scheduled for surgery and general anesthesia. INTERVENTIONS 8.0-mm tracheal tubes were(More)
The sensitivity and reliability of the FEF end-tidal CO2 detector were investigated for its suitability in the assessment of correct placement of an endotracheal tube. Sensitivity was determined by having eight blinded volunteers observe the color change in the FEF detector with the administration of different volumes and varying CO2 concentrations of gas(More)
There have been claims that the postoperative course of patients may be improved by presentation during general anesthesia of therapeutic suggestions which predict a rapid and comfortable postoperative recovery. This study evaluated the effectiveness of such therapeutic suggestions under double-blind and randomized conditions. A tape recording predicting a(More)
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