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While specific antagonists of the beta 1-adrenoceptor, such as atenolol and betaxolol, are widely available, a potent specific antagonist selective for the beta 2-adrenoceptor has yet to be described. Previously described beta 2-selective antagonists such as butoxamine, H 35/25, and IPS 339 are lacking in potency, specificity, or appropriate beta(More)
Six groups of four dogs were studied under pentobarbital anesthesia. Plasma levels of free fatty acids (FFA), glucose, insulin and lactate were measured after four challenges with isoproterenol (0.125 micrograms/kg/min i.v. for 10 min). In control animals, infusion of isoproterenol elevated plasma FFA, glucose, insulin and lactate, raised heart rate and(More)
We characterize the worldvolume theories on symmetric D-branes in a six-dimensional Cahen-Wallach pp-wave supported by a constant Neveu-Schwarz three-form flux. We find a class of flat noncommutative euclidean D3-branes analogous to branes in a constant magnetic field, as well as curved noncommutative lorentzian D3-branes analogous to branes in an electric(More)
A polymer must reach a certain size to exhibit significant excluded-volume interactions and adopt a swollen random-walk configuration. We show that single-molecule measurements can sense the onset of swelling by modulating the effective chain size with force: as the force is reduced from a large value, the polymer is first highly aligned, then a Gaussian(More)
We examined the interaction between isoproterenol and erythro-dl-1-(7-methylindan-4-yloxy)-3-isopropylaminobutan-2-ol (ICI 118,551), a beta-2 selective adrenergic receptor antagonist, with respect to heart rate, diastolic blood pressure and twitch tension (soleus muscle) in anesthetized cats. Dose-response curves to isoproterenol (0.025-1.0 micrograms/kg(More)
The interactions between ICI 118, 587 (Corwin) a beta 1-selective partial adrenergic agonist, and atenolol (Tenormin), propranolol (Inderal) and verapamil were examined first in anaesthetised dogs pretreated with syrosingopine and vagotomised. ICI 118, 587 was administered iv in cumulative doses of 0.1 to 1000 micrograms X kg-1. In four animals, heart rate(More)
The aims of this thesis are twofold: finding a geometric realisation for Nahm's con-formal superalgebras and generalising the concept of a conformal Killing spinor to supergravity, in particular M-theory. We introduce the necessary tools of conformal geometry and construct a conformal Killing superalgebra (that turns out not to be a Lie superalgebra in(More)
The chronotropic effect of three beta-1-adrenoceptor partial agonists prenalterol, xamoterol and epanolol has been compared on the right atria of the rat in order to evaluate their intrinsic activity and to place them in rank order of effectiveness. The results show that prenalterol, xamoterol and epanolol are all partial agonists. The intrinsic activities(More)
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