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BACKGROUND Investigations of cognitive deficits after frontal lobe damage have commonly relied on multidimensional tests and relatively coarse specification of lesion anatomy. Some form of impairment in attention is often asserted to cause the revealed deficits. OBJECTIVE To describe a disorder of attention in patients with frontal damage using a(More)
BACKGROUND Lesions of the frontal lobes may impair the capacity of patients to control otherwise intact cognitive operations in the face of ambiguous sensory input or conflicting possible responses. OBJECTIVE To address the question of whether focal lesions in different regions of the frontal lobes produced specific impairments in cognitive control. (More)
Key to the successful application of remotely sensed data to real world problems is software that is capable of performing commonly used functions efficiently over large datasets, whilst being adaptable to new techniques. This paper presents an open source software library that was developed through research undertaken at Aberystwyth University for(More)
OBJECTIVE It is generally acknowledged that at least 50% of individuals with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) will exhibit cognitive deficits outside of the characteristic motor neuron involvement. However, a specific cognitive profile has been difficult to ascertain due to disease-related testing barriers and limitations in the sensitivity and(More)
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