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The Function of Affect in Therapy with Men
T h e lack of affcct or emotional expressiveness has oftcn been cited in the literature on mcn’s psychology as common to most men (Balswick & Peek, 1971; Meth & Pasick, 1990; O’Neil, 1982). ThisExpand
Advances in psychology : implications for a curriculum in men's studies
ADVANCES IN PSYCHOLOGY: IMPLICATIONS FOR A CURRICULUM IN MEN'S STUDIES (May 1986) Samuel D. Femiano, M.Ed. University of Rochester Th.D. Institut Catholique de Paris Ed.D. University of MassachusettsExpand
Book Reviews: The Men We Long to Be: Beyond Domination to a New Christian Understanding of Manhood, Manliness & Civilization: A Cultural History of Gender and Race in the United States, 1880–1917, a
Stephen Boyd’s new book, The Men We Long to Be, might well serve as required reading, indeed as a workbook for self-reflection for all men who dare to engage in life-enhancing self-examination.Expand
A Curriculum for a Men's Studies Program.
Response to Papers on Religion, Fatherhood, and Fathering
Author provides reaction to the “Fathering Symposium” papers (Palkovitz & Palm; Latshaw; and Dollahite, Marks, & Olson).
Where Do We Go from Here? Ideas for the Future.