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The neuronal membrane protein sortilin has been reported in a few cancer cell lines, but its expression and impact in human tumors is unclear. In this study, sortilin was analyzed by immunohistochemistry in a series of 318 clinically annotated breast cancers and 53 normal breast tissues. Sortilin was detected in epithelial cells, with increased levels in(More)
The precursor for nerve growth factor (proNGF) is expressed in some cancers but its clinicopathological significance is unclear. The present study aimed to define the clinicopathological significance of proNGF in thyroid cancer. ProNGF expression was analysed by immunohistochemistry in two cohorts of cancer versus benign tumors (adenoma) and normal thyroid(More)
Proteogenomics, or the integration of proteomics with genomics and transcriptomics, is emerging as the next step towards a unified understanding of cellular functions. Looking globally and simultaneously at gene structure, RNA expression, protein synthesis and post-translational modifications have become technically feasible and offer a new perspective to(More)
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