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This dissertation has been read by each member of the following supervisory committee and by majority v ote has been found to be satisfactory. I h a v e read the dissertation of Gershon Elber in its nal form and have found that 1 its format, citations, and bibliographic style are consistent and acceptable; 2 its illustrative materials including gures,(More)
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are increasingly used in military and scientific research. Some miniaturized UAVs rely entirely on the global positioning system (GPS) for navigation. GPS is vulnerable to accidental or deliberate interference that can cause it to fail. It is not unusual, even in a benign environment, for a GPS outage to occur for periods of(More)
The pocketing operation is a fundamental procedure in NC machining. Typical pocketing schemes compute uniform successive offsets or parallel cuts of the outline of the pocket, resulting in a toolpath with C 1 discontinuities. These discontinuities render the toolpath quite impractical in the context of high speed machining (HSM). This work addresses and(More)
This paper describes the architectures that can be used to build highly available database management systems. We describe these architectures along two dimensions – process redundancy and data redundancy. Process redundancy refers to the management of redundant processes that can take over in case of a process or node failure. Data redundancy refers to the(More)
—Semiarid rangelands are very sensitive to global climatic change; studies of their biophysical attributes are crucial to understanding the dynamics of rangeland ecosystems under human disturbance. In the Santa Rita Experimental Range, AZ, the vegetation has changed considerably, and there have been many management activities applied. This study calculates(More)
– Determining the location of radar emitters is one of the most important categories of search problems for defence related tasks. Autonomous Air Vehicles (AAVs) that are equipped with electronic support (ES) sensor systems, provide a means of extending search capabilities beyond the visual horizon and detecting such emitters. However, detection alone is(More)
A benchmarking survey was developed to measure the baseline performance of a decision support system (DSS) operated by the Production Estimates and Crop Assessment Division (PECAD) of the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS). The purpose of the survey was to collect essential performance indicators and metrics to be used in establishing the baseline, as(More)
DSTO Australia concluded a two year research program in March 2006 that demonstrated distributed, autonomous, self-organising stand-in sensor and effector systems. This paper describes research activities from this program including the development of miniaturised sensor and effector payloads, the development of novel algorithms for the fusion of data from(More)