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Infrastructure including public facilities has become ubiquitous. Remote measurement instruments based on automatic or real-time-oriented methods also substitute for the conventional tunnel measurement approach, and thereupon the requirements for efficient measurement and analysis processes on examining civil structures are increasingly needed. With the New(More)
We have discovered that the sulfonation of polystyrene can form a gradient-index medium useful for lightfocusing purposes. We found that the refractive index of sulfonated polystyrene varies with the degree of sulfonation and that the refractive index of the fully sulfonated polystyrene decreased by approximately 0.06 at 0.633 microm from that of pure(More)
A technique is developed to clearly establish the shear resistance of a cellular structure, retaining wall composed of a steel frame and fill materials with both continuous and discontinuous characteristics. To overcome the limitation of the existing analysis approach based on continuum mechanics, in which the shear behavior and interaction between the(More)
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