Sam Cooper

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One goal of cell biology is to understand how cells adopt different shapes in response to varying environmental and cellular conditions. Achieving a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between cell shape and environment requires a systems-level understanding of the signalling networks that respond to external cues and regulate the cytoskeleton.(More)
Melanoma cells can adopt two functionally distinct forms, amoeboid and mesenchymal, which facilitates their ability to invade and colonize diverse environments during the metastatic process. Using quantitative imaging of single living tumor cells invading three-dimensional collagen matrices, in tandem with unsupervised computational analysis, we found that(More)
Today's educators are using mock trials and jury deliberations as a way to promote critical thinking and enhance communication skills. An English teacher at Tucson, Arizona's Cholla Magnet High School, incorporates mock trials and jury deliberations as a part of his class. The Center for the Management of Information, at the University of Arizona, developed(More)
Data visualization is a fundamental aspect of science. In the context of microscopy-based studies, visualization typically involves presentation of the images themselves. However, data visualization is challenging when microscopy experiments entail imaging of millions of cells, and complex cellular phenotypes are quantified in a high-content manner. Most(More)
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