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Since 2009, DevOps, the combination of development and operation, has been adopted within organizations in industry, such as Netflix, Flickr, and Fotopedia. Configuration management tools have been used to support DevOps. However, in this paper we investigate which Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA) have been employed in developing and deploying modern(More)
Mobile devices, specifically smartphones, have become ubiquitous. For this reason, businesses are starting to develop "Bring Your Own Device" policies to allow their employees to use their devices in the workplace. However, due to emerging attacks and limitations in device resources, it is difficult to trust these devices with access to critical proprietary(More)
This study proposes a new operational framework of a network administrator for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) network security. It seeks to characterize the current state of practices in SOA network security by gathering information regarding known threats and defenses for SOA deployments. It works towards the practical implementation of SOA designs by(More)
The problem of fnding similar pages to a given web page arises in many web applications such as search engine. In this paper, we focus on the link-based similarity measures which compute web page similarity solely from the hyperlinks of the Web. We first propose a simple model called the Extended Neighborhood Structure (ENS), which defines a bi-directional(More)
This research proposes to modernize a legacy software system by using Web services as the main building blocks of the software reengineering. For this purpose, a legacy theorem proof checking and derivation tool called Bertie3 is reengineered in terms of service-oriented architecture, service-oriented componentization, and external data representation and(More)
Cloud computing is a cutting edge technology. eHealth is one promising application of this technology. In this paper, we describe a prototype implementation of an HL7-based eHealth application on the cloud. The system is secured with a risk-aware task-based access control. We demonstrate that our access control technique is more effective for preventing(More)
The purpose of this paper is to propose a new service-oriented software reengineering process that is model-driven and Scrum-oriented, which we call ModelDriven Scrum for Service-Oriented Software Reengineering (mScrum4SOSR). This process is an integration of a popular agile software development process, Scrum, with the concept of UML as a blueprint or(More)