Sam Chung

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Popular Open Source Software (OSS) development platforms like GitHub, Google Code, and Bitbucket take advantage of some best practices of traditional software development like version control and issue tracking. Current major open source software environments, including IDE tools and online code repositories, do not provide support for visual architecture(More)
This study proposes a new operational framework of a network administrator for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) network security. It seeks to characterize the current state of practices in SOA network security by gathering information regarding known threats and defenses for SOA deployments. It works towards the practical implementation of SOA designs by(More)
Since 2009, DevOps, the combination of development and operation, has been adopted within organizations in industry, such as Netflix, Flickr, and Fotopedia. Configuration management tools have been used to support DevOps. However, in this paper we investigate which Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA) have been employed in developing and deploying modern(More)