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We revisit the problem of automatic deployment of robotic teams from temporal logic specifications over regions of interests in the environment. In our previous work, we developed an algorithm that could accommodate arbitrary communication constraints, but had two main limitations: (1) it only allowed for communicating robots to move, and (2) it was(More)
Age dependent bias is a key issue within talent identification of children, particularly when measures of physical fitness are used. Coaches in sport would benefit from a relatively straightforward method to remove age dependent bias, enabling identification of children who are relatively high performers for their age. This study aimed to determine whether(More)
We consider the following problem: GIVEN (1) a set of service requests occurring at known locations in an environment, (2) a set of temporal and logical constraints on how the requests need to be serviced, (3) a team of robots and their capacities to service the requests individually or through collaboration, FIND robot control and communication strategies(More)
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