Sam Applebaum

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This article highlights several of the important issues and illustrates a European protocol that should be considered when offering genetic testing on a research or clinical basis for HP, as well as for other inherited disorders of the pancreas.
Few risk factors for pancreatic cancer have emerged except for chronic pancreatitis. Recently, hereditary pancreatitis was estimated to carry a standardized incidence ratio of 53, a risk about 25 times higher than smoking. A review of the ongoing hereditary pancreatitis study of the Midwest Multicenter Pancreatic Study Group suggests that the risk of(More)
Primary prevention of intimate partner violence (IPV) at the level of the primary care provider is unexplored. We sought to identify whether men disclose current IPV perpetration when asked by a primary care provider. Cross-sectional study. Consecutive male patients of 6 providers in public health, university, and VA hospital clinics. Men were screened for(More)
Peking ducklings were tested at 1-2 or 7-8 days of age for their tendency to inhibit their own distress calling in response to the distress calls of siblings. At both ages the ducklings displayed a significant inhibitory response to the sibling calls, although the response of the older birds was greater. When the younger ducklings were subsequently tested(More)
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