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OBJECTIVE To assess the magnitude of sodium reduction that can be made without significantly changing the perception of saltiness and acceptability of a broad range of common food items. DESIGN The investigation was carried out in two phases. Military and civilian volunteers (N = 190 in study 1; N = 380 in study 2) from the US Army Natick Research,(More)
Efficient and prolonged human cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (hCFTR) expression is a major goal for cystic fibrosis (CF) lung therapy. A hCFTR expression plasmid was optimized as a payload for compacted DNA nanoparticles formulated with polyethylene glycol (PEG)-substituted 30-mer lysine peptides. A codon-optimized and CpG-reduced hCFTR(More)
Women judged to be at high risk of delivering low-birth-weight infants were assigned to one of three supplements--high-protein beverage, low-protein beverage, or a vitamin-mineral preparation--to determine the effect these nutritional supplements would have on the outcome of pregnancy. In comparing prenatal nutrient intake and the birth weight of their(More)
The single insulin-like growth factor II (IGF-II) gene is transcribed into multiple RNA species in most fetal and neonatal rat tissues. For IGF-II to serve as a local growth factor in fetal tissues, IGF-II RNA must be translated into pre-pro-rat (r) IGF-II, and the biosynthetic precursor processed to smaller biologically active forms. IGF-II RNA extracted(More)
We have studied insulin-like growth factors (IGFs) and IGF-binding proteins released by human fibroblasts. Conditioned medium was obtained after incubation of 2 X 10(6) cells in 2 ml serum-free medium for 72 h. IGF binding protein was identified in aliquots of conditioned medium at 4 C for 16 h with [125]IGF II after charcoal separation. After gel(More)
A series of 12 behavior modification group programs (with 125 participants) was compared with 28 individual programs to determine differences in short- and long-term weight loss success. Data were collected directly and via questionnaire during the program and 10 to 36 months after the program. Different factors predicted weight loss during and after(More)
Levels of multiplication-stimulating activity (MSA) in fetal rat serum are high (2-4 micrograms/ml), suggesting that MSA may have a role in fetal growth. We now demonstrate that fibroblasts derived from rat embryos (REFs) have specific MSA receptors and respond to MSA with increased DNA synthesis. Two types of insulin-like growth factor (IGF) receptors were(More)
Multiplication-stimulating activity, a family of insulin-like growth factors previously identified in medium conditioned by the BRL-3A rat liver cell line, is also synthesized by third passage cultures of rat embryo fibroblasts (REFs) maintained in serum-free medium. Conditioned serum-free medium from REFs was chromatographed on Sephadex G-75 in 1 m acetic(More)