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Running title: Subtypes of oral carcinoma-associated fibroblasts. Summary sentence: Cancer-associated fibroblasts sustain the tumor microenvironment and unraveling their heterogeneity may point to targetable weaknesses. Author manuscripts have been peer reviewed and accepted for publication but have not yet been edited. Abstract Heterogeneity of(More)
BACKGROUND Microenvironmental cues play a major role in head and neck cancer. Biodegradable scaffolds used for bone regeneration might also act as stimulative cues for head and neck cancer. The purpose of this study was to establish an experimental model for precise and noninvasive evaluation of tumorigenic potential of microenvironmental cues in head and(More)
Heterogeneity of carcinoma-associated fibroblasts (CAF) has long been recognized, but the functional significance remains poorly understood. Here, we report the distinction of two CAF subtypes in oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) that have differential tumor-promoting capability, one with a transcriptome and secretome closer to normal fibroblasts (CAF-N)(More)
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