Salwa Maalouf

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Several studies have investigated the short-term effects of ambient air pollutants in the development of high blood pressure and hypertension. However, little information exists regarding the health effects of long-term exposure. To investigate the association between residential long-term exposure to air pollution and blood pressure and hypertension, we(More)
BACKGROUND Emergency departments (EDs) workers are at increased risk of exposure to occupational violence. The prevalence of occupational violence is potentially higher and consequences are more serious in areas with poor security conditions. OBJECTIVES We investigated the prevalence, characteristics and factors associated with the exposure of ED workers(More)
BACKGROUND The regulation of the markets for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) products presents a global challenge. There is a dearth of studies that have examined or evaluated the regulatory policies of CAM products in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR). We investigate the regulatory frameworks and the barriers for the proper regulation and(More)
BACKGROUND The dual burden of nursing shortages and poor work environments threatens quality of patient care and places additional pressures on resource-stretched health care systems, particularly in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR). There is a paucity of research in the EMR examining the quality of nurses' work environment and its association to(More)
As the major risk factor for cardiovascular disease and other vascular diseases, high blood pressure (BP) and hypertension have been identified as the most important causes of disability and the leading risk factors for death in the world, causing an estimated 7.5 million deaths per year (13% of all deaths). Because chronically elevated BP is an important(More)
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