Salvatore Venticinque

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The diversity of Cloud computing services is challenging the application developers as various and non-standard interfaces are provided for these services. Few middleware solutions were developed until now to support the design, deployment and execution of service-independent applications as well as the management of resources from multiple Clouds. This(More)
The breakthrough of Cloud comes from its service oriented perspective where everything, including the infrastructure, is provided “as a service”. This model is really attractive and convenient for both providers and consumers, as a consequence the Cloud paradigm is quickly growing and widely spreading, also in non commercial contexts. In such a scenario, we(More)
In recent years, with the growing popularity of Cloud Computing , security in Cloud has become an important issue. Cloud Computing paradigm represents an opportunity for users to reduce costs and increase efficiency providing an alternative way of using services. It represents both a technology for using computing infrastructures in a more efficient way and(More)