Salvatore Veccia

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Zinc is perhaps the most important trace element for immune function. Congenital or acquired zinc deficiencies are associated with immune abnormalities and increased susceptibility to infectious diseases. AIDS subjects suffer from reduced zinc bioavailability, more severe in stage IV than in stage III. Such zinc deficiency causes, among other effects, a(More)
Aging and HIV have parallelism in immunodeficiency status because of the appearance of infections or relapse leading to death in both conditions. HIV-RNA is predictor for HIV progression correlated with CD4+ depletion. CD4+ and plasma zinc levels (zincaemia) may be predictors for infections relapse in aging because of zinc relevance for normal immune(More)
Meningoencephalitis may sometimes cause medically refractory intracranial hypertension and brain herniation. In such patients death is common. There are a limited number of reports on the use of decompressive craniectomy as a life saving measure in these circumstances with some good results. The aim of the study was to report experience in three further(More)
Dear Editor, Alemtuzumab (Campath-1H; Ilex Pharmaceuticals, San Antonio, TX, USA), the monoclonal antibody directed against CD52 [10] introduced recently as firstand secondline therapy for B chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and peripheral T-cell lymphomas, especially the cutaneous types (CTCL), causes a profound and long-lasting depletion of mature B and T(More)
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