Salvatore Sessa

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We censider two selfmaps T and of a closed convex subset C of a Bar.ach space X which are weakly commuting in X, i.e. !IT x I xll < llx Txll for any x in X, and satisfy the inequality ’ITx Ty!l _< alllx lyll + (I a) max {llTx Ixll, llTy lyll} for all x,) ir. C, where 0 < a I. It is proved that if is linear and non-expansive in C and such that IC contains(More)
With some modifications, we adopt the coding/decoding method of image processing based on the direct and inverse fuzzy transforms defined in previous papers. By normalizing the values of its pixels, any image can be considered as a fuzzy matrix (relation) which is subdivided in submatrices (possibly square) called blocks. Each block is compressed with the(More)
Performing laparoscopic surgery requires several skills, which have never been required for conventional open surgery. Surgeons experience difficulties in learning and mastering these techniques. Various training methods and metrics have been developed to assess and improve surgeon's operative abilities. While these training metrics are currently widely(More)
The goal of the proposed work is to analyze the characteristics and advantages of a telerobotic system based on video transmission and stereoscopic viewing. The proposed investigation follows a systematic approach based on the identification of main factors and a usability evaluation designed according them. Two different three-dimensional (3-D)(More)
This paper presents the preliminary performance evaluation of our new wireless ultra-miniaturized inertial measurement unit (IMU) WB-4 by compared with the Vicon motion capture system. The WB-4 IMU primarily contains a mother board for motion sensing, a Bluetooth module for wireless data transmission with PC, and a Li-Polymer battery for power supply. The(More)