Salvatore Rinaudo

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The increasing complexity of circuit design needs to be managed with appropriate optimization algorithms and accurate statistical description of design models in order to reach the design specifics, guaranteeing ’’zero defects’’. In the Design for Yield open problems are the design of effective optimization algorithms and statistical analysis for yield(More)
Micro-electronics component and circuit design requires long computation time; to reduce this time, the use of simplification techniques has been introduced. In order to obtain a first validation of the method, a first test case is presented; the simplification techniques have been applied to the analytical expression of Y parameters of an inductor(More)
Energy efficiency is one of the most critical aspects of todays information society. The most obvious benefits of being Green are reduced environmental impact and cost savings. Reducing energy consumption of electronic devices, circuits and heterogeneous systems, however, is not trivial. This requires the development of innovative energy-aware vertical(More)
The aggressive scaling of CMOS technology toward nanometer lengths contributed to the surfacing of many effects that were not appreciable at the micrometer regime. Among them, Inverted Temperature Dependence (ITD) is certainly the most unusual. It manifests itself as a speed up of CMOS gates when the temperature increases, resulting in a reversal of the(More)
The phase of Text Retrieval or Information Extraction may represent a weakness for the entire text mining process. During this phase, keywords are extracted that can be used in documents classification or clustering. If the extracted keywords are not meaningful, the entire text mining process will be compromised. This risk is high in the event of(More)
Computer simulations are becoming a fundamental instrument in order to determine the suffer effects of a specific model by varying its input parameters. However, to obtain simulation results, the needed computational power required, by increasing the model parameters, in a reasonable time, is not so indifferent. So the aim of this research is to optimize(More)
In this paper we present the concepts and the organization of the FP7 Project SMAC (Smart systems Co-design), an Integrated Project (IP) of the 7th ICT Call under the Objective 3.2 "Smart components and Smart Systems integration". We describe in particular the project objectives and its organization, and how it addresses the challenges of the integration of(More)
In this paper, it has been integrated Nash Equilibrium solution of Game Theory with Genetic Algorithms (GA) to optimize performance of a job scheduler, in order to simulate topology and sizing of Analog Electrical Circuits simulation. We proposed a new method for performance problems solving of Genetic Algorithms applied to Electronic Design Automation(More)
In this paper a comparison between two samples with two different SiN passivation layers was performed. An increment of the drain leakage current increasing the Si concentration in the SiN layer was observed. On the other hand, a similar behavior of dynamic RON was recorded. T-CAD simulations supported our hypothesis on the factors that cause parametric(More)