Salvatore Pignataro

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MDS (Mice Drawer System) is the Facility that will support the research on board the International Space Station (ISS). Funded by ASI with Laben as industrial Prime Contractor, MDS will also permit its utilisation for other research programs with mice. The most attractive feature of MDS is that six mice can he kept separate inside dedicated and isolated(More)
The Italian Space Agency, in line with its scientific strategies and the National Utilization Plan for the International Space Station (ISS), contracted Thales Alenia Space Italia to design and build a spaceflight payload for rodent research on ISS: the Mice Drawer System (MDS). The payload, to be integrated inside the Space Shuttle middeck during(More)
By a simple process poly(amido-amine) chains have been grafted on the surface of poly(vinyl chloride). Grafted poly(vinyl chloride) is able to adsorb heparin, thus providing potentially non-thrombogenic surfaces. The grafting of poly(amido-amine), and the heparin adsorption have been studied by ESCA. It has been found that the total amount of grafted(More)
The ESCA spectra of several substituted benzenes and heterocyclic compounds were obtained. Multi peak structures are observed in the various energy regions. The effects are generally interpreted as due to shake up phenomena involving intramolecular charge-transfer transitions between a "donor" and an "acceptor" group in the molecule. A quantitative model(More)
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