Salvatore Piccolo

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Multiple bank lending induces borrowers to take too much debt when creditor rights are poorly protected; moreover, banks wish to engage in opportunistic lending at their competitors’ expenses if borrowers’ collateral is sufficiently risky. These incentives lead to credit rationing and positive-profit interest rates, possibly exceeding the monopoly level. If(More)
INTRODUCTION Risk stratification in congestive heart failure (CHF) patients is based on a variety of clinical and laboratory variables. We analysed renal function, BNP, water composition, echocardiographic and functional determinations in predicting mid-term outcome in CHF patients discharged after decompensation. MATERIAL AND METHODS All subjects with(More)
BACKGROUND Acute decompensation heart failure (ADHF) remains a cause of hospitalization in patients with end-stage congestive HF. The administration of levosimendan in comparison with a standard therapy in CHF patients admitted for ADHF was analysed. MATERIAL/METHODS Consecutive patients admitted for ADHF (NYHA class III-IV) were treated with levosimendan(More)
When do competing principals independently choose to share the information obtained from their privately informed agents? Information sharing a¤ects contracting relationships within opponent organizations and induces players’strategies to be correlated via the distortions channel. We show that principals’incentives to share information depend on the nature(More)
Ivabradine is a selective I(f) current inhibitor in the sinus node that decreases heart rate without negative inotropic effects. We report the case of an 88-year-old diabetic patient with arterial hypertension and peripheral arterial disease who experienced an antero-lateral non-ST-elevation myocardial infarction following post-surgical anemia. After(More)
This paper highlights the rationale for exclusive territories in a model of repeated interaction between competing supply chains. We show that with observable contracts exclusive territories have two countervailing effects on manufacturers’ incentives to sustain tacit collusion. First, granting local monopolies to retailers softens competition in a one-shot(More)
Infective endocarditis (IE) is an inflammatory disease which interests heart endothelium and mostly heart valves. IE is not a uniform disease, but presents in a variety of different forms that makes the diagnosis difficult. Echocardiography is a crucial diagnostic tool for the diagnosis, especially in those patients who have no typical symptoms as in the(More)