Salvatore Pappalardo

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Ecosystem services provided by wetland systems presently play a pivotal role in intensive cropland as water purification from agricultural pollution. A field trial was conducted in 2014 to evaluate herbicide runoff reduction and retention using a 0.32 ha constructed surface flow wetland (CSFW) at the outlet of a 6 ha agricultural basin. To simulate an(More)
The Tagaeri Taromenane People are two indigenous groups belonging to the Waorani first nation living in voluntary isolation within the Napo region of the western Amazon rainforest. To protect their territory the Ecuadorean State has declared and geographically defined, by Decrees, the Zona Intangible Tagaeri Taromenane (ZITT). This zone is located within(More)
In intensive agricultural systems runoff is one of the major potential diffuse pollution pathways for pesticides and poses a risk to surface water. Ditches are common in the Po Valley and can potentially provide runoff mitigation for the protection of watercourses. The effectiveness depends on ditch characteristics, so there is an urgent need for(More)
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