Salvatore Galfano

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NAND flash memories are becoming the predominant technology in the implementation of mass storage systems for both embedded and high-performance applications. However, when considering data and code storage in Non-Volatile Memories (NVMs), such as NAND flash memories, reliability and performance become a serious concern for systems designers. Designing NAND(More)
—Solid State Drives (SSDs), based on NAND Flash memory technology, are gaining particular momentum as a storage medium in various frameworks such as multimedia, large data centers and cloud environments. Unfortunately, the current offering of CAD tools for design space exploration of SSDs is not able to assess whether the device microarchitecture features(More)
With the advent of solid-state storage systems, NAND flash memories are becoming a key storage technology. However, they suffer from serious reliability and endurance issues during the operating lifetime that can be handled by the use of appropriate error correction codes (ECCs) in order to reconstruct the information when needed. Adaptable ECCs may provide(More)
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