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Network interface cards are one of the key components to achieve efficient parallel performance. In the past, they have gained new functionalities such as lossless transmission and remote direct memory access that are now ubiquitous in high-performance systems. Prototypes of next generation network cards now offer new features that facilitate device(More)
Skyline queries are preference queries frequently used in multi-criteria decision making to retrieve interesting points from large datasets. They return the points whose attribute vector is not dominated by any other point. Over the last years, sequential and parallel implementations over static datasets have been proposed for multiprocessors and clusters.(More)
The emergence of real-time decision-making applications in domains like high-frequency trading, emergency management and service level analysis in communication networks, has led to the definition of new classes of queries. Skyline queries are a notable example. Their results consist of all the tuples whose attribute vector is not dominated (in the Pareto(More)
Optimizing communication performance is imperative for largescale computing because communication overheads limit the strong scalability of parallel applications. Today’s network cards contain rather powerful processors optimized for data movement. However, these devices are limited to fixed functions, such as remote direct memory access. We develop sPIN, a(More)
The constantly increasing gap between communication and computation performance emphasizes the importance of communication-avoidance techniques. Caching is a well-known concept used to reduce accesses to slow local memories. In this work, we extend the caching idea to MPI-3 Remote Memory Access (RMA) operations. Here, caching can avoid inter-node(More)
Two-wave mixing (TWM) via a dynamic hologram recorded in a photorefractive crystal allows the implementation of adaptive interferometers. These interferometers can achieve high sensitivity of detection of phase shifts under unstable environmental conditions even when phase shifts are encrypted in speckled waves such as those reflected from rough surfaces or(More)
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