Salvatore Di Girolamo

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We present an adaptive interferometer based on the reflection dynamic hologram recorded in photorefractive CdTe:V crystal with no external electric field. Linear phase-to-intensity transformation is achieved by vectorial mixing of two waves with different polarization states (linear and elliptical) in the anisotropic diffraction geometry. Comparison of(More)
We present a strain sensor in which a multimode fiber is used as a sensitive element. High sensitivity to dynamic strains is achieved by means of vectorial wave mixing in a photorefractive CdTe:V crystal. It was found that the largest source of noise in our sensor is related to the instability of the polarization state of speckles emerging from the fiber.(More)
We propose a novel multiplexing system for sensing of dynamic strains excited in different multimode optical fibers. Multiplexing of the sensors is implemented by using vectorial wave mixing technique in the reflection geometry of hologram formation in a photorefractive crystal of CdTe:V. We analyzed different mechanisms of the crosstalk between measuring(More)
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