Salvatore Corea

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OBJECTIVES The aim of this investigation was to study the effects of pregnancy on the periodontium, in a rural population of Sri-Lankan women. METHODS The study group consisted of 47 pregnant women and 47 non-pregnant women who served as matched controls. All subjects were examined for plaque (plaque index: PLI), gingival condition (gingival index: GI)(More)
AIMS Women using hormonal contraceptives can be considered to be a 'risk group' for periodontal disease, due to prolonged, sustained serum levels of oestrogens and progesterone. This investigation aims to study the effects of hormonal contraceptives on periodontal tissues. METHODS 32 women using hormonal contraceptives for less than 2 years, 17 for 2-4(More)
BACKGROUND Information about the Significant Others (S.O.) of 530 patients with mood and anxious spectrum disorders has been tabulated in this multicentre, retrospective, clinical observational study in order to learn the prevalence of the same mood and/or anxious spectrum diseases in the S.O. of the patients. METHODS The 530 outpatients (of age range(More)
One hundred consecutive referrals have been surveyed, the diagnostic and behavioural problems leading to referral considered and follow-up information obtained one year later. For most admission to hospital as in- or day-patients was unnecessary. Old people's homes do not make excessive demands on the psychiatric services, but deserve support, including(More)
Serum folate level, packed cell volume and haemoglobin concentration of apparently healthy rural Sri Lankan women, between 20 and 45 years and earning up to Rs. 500 (Sri Lankan Rs. 35 congruent to 1 pound Sterling) per month, were estimated during pregnancy and when on oral contraceptive (OC) treatment with Ovulen 50 (ethinyl oestradiol 0.05 mg, ethinodiol(More)
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