Salvatore Bertino

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The possibility of using conventional analysis, such as gamma spectrometry and alpha spectrometry, for the detection of traces of depleted uranium (DU) in environmental samples has been investigated. The expected values have been compared with the experimental results obtained by using mollusc samples gathered in the Adriatic Sea. The analysis has shown(More)
Tritium present in the environment gradually decreased in the last decades and nowadays it has reached extremely low activity concentrations. The purpose of the present work is the implementation of a tritium enrichment system in water samples using electrolytic techniques and pure nickel and iron electrodes. In the present work a mean tritium enrichment(More)
In this study the air gamma dose rate map of Piemonte, a region in the North-West of Italy, was produced from gamma spectrometry soil data. Soil samples collected in 110 different sites of Piemonte were analysed with Hyperpure Germanium (HPGe) detectors (30% relative efficiency), which allow the evaluation of the activity concentrations of natural(More)
In humans, vertical posture acquisition caused several changes in bones and muscles which can be assumed as verticalization. Pelvis, femur, and vertebral column gain an extension position which decreases muscular work by paravertebral muscles in the latter. It's widely known that six different morphological categories exist; each category differs from the(More)
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