Salvatore Andini

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In this paper mechanochemistry has been studied in view of possible application to detoxification of expired pharmaceuticals. The experiments have been carried out with a commercial medication containing ibuprofen ((RS)-2-(4-(2-methylpropyl)phenyl)propanoic acid) which has been submitted to prolonged milling up to 40h. When Al(OH)(3) is used as co-reagent,(More)
Several polypeptides prepared by means of pyrocondensation have been the subject of structural investigations. Attention has been focused on the constitutional characterization of homo-and co-polymers containing Asp and Glu residues, whose role is essential for the formation of the so-called proteinoids. Contrary to the literature data based on chemical(More)
Fuel oil fly ash has been tested as low-cost carbon-based adsorbent of 2-chlorophenol (CP), 2-chloroaniline (CA) and methylene blue (MB) from aqueous solutions. In all the cases the adsorption was found to be of cooperative type. Different adsorption capacities were found for the three organics. Specifically, it was highest for 2-chlorophenol, reaching(More)
Thermal polycondensation of amino-acids as a possible prebiotic path of chemical evolution of life has been critically examined. The polymeric materials studied by nmr methods have scarce resemblance to natural peptidic material because β, γ and ε peptide bonds largely predominate over $$\tilde \alpha $$ -peptide bonds.
Mechanochemical Processing of Blast Furnace Slag for its Reuse as Adsorbent Salvatore Andini, Fabio Montagnaro*, Luciano Santoro, Grazia Accardo, Raffaele Cioffi, Francesco Colangelo Dipartimento di Scienze Chimiche, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Monte Sant’Angelo, 80126 Napoli (I) Dipartimento per le Tecnologie, Università degli Studi di(More)
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