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A Comparison of Social Dominance Theory and System Justification: The Role of Social Status in 19 Nations
This study tests specific competing hypotheses from social dominance theory/realistic conflict theory (RCT) versus system justification theory about the role of social status. In particular, itExpand
The Palliative Function of Hostile Sexism among High and Low-Status Chilean Students
Previous studies have demonstrated that justifying the social, economic, and political systems is associated with psychological well-being, which has been termed as the palliative function ofExpand
A longitudinal study of the effects of internet use on subjective well-being
ABSTRACT This study examined how internet use is related to subjective well-being, using longitudinal data from 19 nations with representative online samples stratified for age, gender, and region (NExpand
System justification enhances well‐being: A longitudinal analysis of the palliative function of system justification in 18 countries
According to the palliative function of ideology hypothesis proposed by System Justification Theory, endorsing system-justifying beliefs is positively related to general psychological well-being,Expand
Nationalistic Collective Rituals, Intergroup Relations, and Legitimation of National Social Systems
In this article, we test if international football matches in Latin America can be understood as nationalistic collective rituals and if participating in them leads to prejudicial attitudes towardExpand